How to use Bathmate hydropumps


How to use Bathmate hydropumpsBathmate is the world’s leading manufacturer of hydropumps for male penis enlargement. What is new prepared for us by the manufacturer, presenting his new hydropump Hydromax? The model is presented in two versions: X30 and X40. The Hydromax X30 pump received the same dimensions as its predecessor, Hercules, which has already gained popularity among men over the 5 years of its existence, but the Hydromax X30 is 30% more powerful than its predecessor and has a denser corrugation. The X40 model differs from the X30 by 15% in size. So, let’s take a closer look at the new product from Bathmate — the Hydromax pump, which can be bought here

Firstly, the hydroxtreme hydropump packaging does not differ from its predecessors, the manufacturer has retained the classic rigor and design, but the toy has undergone significant changes in structure and use.

Secondly, the toy has received a more comfortable and ergonomic shape, which allows you to rotate the hydropump 360 degrees during use.

Thirdly, the sealing corrugation has become much thicker, which was noted by all participants in the studies. Indeed, the thickened corrugation has become much better at holding pressure in the flask. However, it is worth immediately noting the drawback — men with large genitals cannot use this model, we recommend that they take a closer look at the Goliath model.

Fourthly, the manufacturer added a soft removable ring to the base of the corrugation, now the process of fixing the toy takes less time and has become more comfortable, since the ring prevents the scrotum from being sucked during use, which prevents possible pain.

The list of advantages can be continued, after all, we have indicated the main and fundamental changes … But with full confidence we can say that this model of hydropump includes a corrugation design proven on its predecessors, the ability to use «water / air», a simple and convenient measurement scale and all men’s favorite colors: orange, blue and transparent.

How to use a hydropump in the shower?

The manufacturer recommends following a few simple steps:

Step 1: Relax under a warm shower for 5-7 minutes. This is necessary to stimulate the general circulation in the body.

Step 2: holding the valve located on the opposite side of the corrugation with your finger, fill the flask with warm water to about 3/4 capacity;

Step 3: holding the flask vertically so that water does not spill, place the penis inside the flask, press the product so that the corrugation shrinks;

Step 4: Squeezing the flask with your hand, press the pump against the pubis, excess water will flow out through the valve.

Step 5: By pressing the valve, you release the pressure and you can remove the penis.
Also, the manufacturer recommends special «hands free» belts for hydropumps — you can enjoy the shower while the hydropump is running.